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Our Mission:

* Foster an exchange of ideas and information within the field of tactics and operations in police work.
* Foster friendship and cooperation among the personnel of the different member departments and agencies.
* Stimulate research and the development of new methods, operations, techniques, procedures, and equipment within the field of police tactics.
* Encourage record keeping of information and data of value in the field of police tactics.
* Encourage a high level of professional competence among members, departments, and agencies.
* Lend assistance and support in the formation of training programs.
* Lend assistance and support in the development of new tactical teams

Board of Directors

President Ben Raymond Shreveport PD 318-455-2031
First Vice President John Miller Lafayette PD 337-291-8600
Second Vice President Donald Capello Ascension SO 225-717-0691
Secretary/Treasurer Tommy Carnline Rapides SO 318-308-6594
Sergeant At Arms Scott Davis Vermillion SO 337-380-8832

Past Presidents Committee

1st Past President

Brian Boney

West Monroe PD (Ret)


2nd Past esident

Blair Dore

Lafayette PD


3rd PastPresident

Chris Bittick

Ruston PD (Ret)


4th Past President

William “Clay” Brister

Rapides Parish SO


5th Past President

Bud Crowe

Beauregard Parish SO (Ret)


6th Past President

Rob Olivero

Lafayette Police Dept.


 7th Past President         Clint Gray Livingston Parish SO 225-603-7669
 8th Past President

Dale Sharp

Beauregard Parish SO (Ret)


9th Past Pres

Chuck Bazile

Beauregard SO (Ret)


Regional Representatives

Region 1

Landry Ducote

Shreveport PD 318-455-3634
Region 2

Cody Custer

Ouachita SO 318-450-8028
Region 3

Clayton Webb

Rapides SO 318-419-4516
Region 4

Tommy Marceaux

Lafayette PD 337-356-4605
Region 5

Tony Nethken

Ascension SO 225-907-3546
Region 6

Luke Elter

Lake Charles PD 337-794-5495
Region 7

Thad Gautier

Hammond PD 985-969-1595
Region 8

Chad Guidry

Louisiana State Police 504-382-1650