Police Sniper Response to a Public Venue, April 2-5,2018, hosted by the Lafayette Parish S. O.

Police Sniper Response to a Public Venue
Four (4) Day course
April 2-5, 2018
Cost: $1250
Hosted by the Lafayette Parish Sheriff’s Office
POC-Sgt. Chris Guidry, contact number is (337)296-4795.
Our Police Sniper Response to a Public Venue Course- PSRPV™ Course is designed to teach the experienced police sniper how to provide proactive over-watch protection to any public venue where large amounts of people attend, and that could possibly be, a target of a domestic or international attack. The course is conducted in a crawl, walk, and run progression to maximize the students learning ability and emphasizes total venue protection ranging from active shooter to person borne & vehicle borne improvised explosive devices (PBIED/VBIED). Students will live fire with their precision rifles into purpose built rifle traps from deliberate and hasty FFPs inside an actual open or closed sporting venue. Students will be challenged through physical conditioning and their ability to apply their craft on demand. The purpose of the course is the proactive protection and response to potential terrorist acts that threaten our citizens at sporting events. The end goal of the course is to enable the police sniper to have confidence through training and documentation to stop or mitigate terrorist acts inside or outside public venues.
Texas Commission on Law Enforcement (TCOLE) Approved Course #3324
Course developed by Instructor Mark Lang.
Precision Rifle with quality riflescope capable of 1 MOA or better @ 100 yards (bolt action/semi auto). No patrol rifles or non-magnified optics. Rem 700’s with AD history Not allowed
500 rounds Factory Match Ammunition-No reloads (Duty rounds acceptable as long as they are not armor piercing, steel core, bonded or monolithic. Ballistic tip, BTHP acceptable. Calibers restricted to no greater than .308 (7.62X51MM). No 300 WM, .338 or .50 Cal; No round that exceeds 3000 fps MV. Any questions direct email to mlang@tacflow.com
All Sniper kit
Range Finders, Data book, Eye & Ear Pro
Tripods. Tacflow will provide Reaper Grip, HOG Saddle and Spec-rest platforms for students to utilize during the course