Basic CERT Operator School, hosted by the Rapides Parish S.O., December 4-8, 2017

Corrections Emergency Response Team Basic Operator School

The Rapides Parish Sheriff’s Office will be holding a 40hr, Corrections Emergency Response Team (C.E.R.T.) Basic Operator School December 4th – 8th, 2017 at the Rapides Parish Sheriff’s Office Training Academy located at 1104 Billy Mitchell Blvd.,  Alexandria, La 71301.

Registration for this school is $375. 00 per person which will include membership to the LTPOA.  If you are already an LTPOA member, tuition is $355.00. You may also register for any certification or class for $100.00 per day.

This school is limited to only 30 participants!

C.E.R.T. operators and teams are highly sought after for corrections personnel and facilities as it significantly lowers the risk of injury to staff, inmates, and facility property through operators who are trained, highly motivated officers who are able to respond to incidents, riots, cell extractions, mass searches, high risk transports, or disturbances in correctional facilities, possibly involving noncompliant or violent inmates.

The C.E.R.T. Basic Operator School will include:

  • Small, Large, and Specialized Team Structure and Tactics
  • Team and Personal Equipment considerations for your Teams
  • Facility Mass Searches, Housing Unit Search Tactics, Evidence Collection and Reports
  • High Risk Inmate Transport and Movements
  • Jail and Prison First Responder Negotiator
  • Cell Extraction
  • Mobile Field Force
  • Less Lethal Impact Munitions (12ga. and 37/40mm launchers)
  • Chemical MunitionsAll students who successfully complete this school will be certified in Cell Extractions, Mobile Field Force, Less Lethal Impact Munitions, and Chemical Munitions. All certifications will valid for three years.Required Equipment: Riot Gear (including Helmet & Torso Protector), Eye Protection, Ear Protection, Baton, Protective Gas Mask w/ Carrier, Duty Belt, Duty Equipment, BDUs/Boots, Body Armor, Flame Resistant Gloves, Agency 37/40 mm launcher, Agency 12ga Shotgun, Laptop Computer, Notepad, Pen, Inclement Weather Gear(optional), Hydration System (optional), Mouthpiece (optional).This program involves practical exercises. Students are required to actively participate in these exercises as part of their training and able to perform the physical skills associated with tactical applications.. Students should be in good physical condition for these classes in order to ensure successful completion of the courses. Some of these courses involve exposure to chemical agents as well as the physical exercises. Students with physical conditions that may impair their ability to participate are responsible for contacting their physician for medical clearance prior to enrollment.  Conditions requiring such consultation include but are not limited to high blood pressure, heart problems, lung problems, to include bronchitis and asthma, or allergies.


  • For any questions regarding C.E.R.T. Basic Operator School, training, certifications, or gear, please contact Cpl. Richard N. DuFour at (318) 447-1605 or email at You must register to attend. To register please fill out the registration form. Contact Lt. Patsy Netherland for any registration questions or information at (318) 442-9229 or If you or your Agency are unable to supply any items, please contact Cpl. Richard N. DuFour.