Command, Control and Leadership Course, taught by Alan Brosnan, TEES, hosted by the Shreveport PD SRT, September 13-15, 2017

Course Title:Command, Control and Leadership

Course Location: Shreveport PD, 6440 Greenwood Road, Shreveport, LA

Date: September 13-15. 2017

Instructor: Alan Brosnan, Tactical Energetic Entry Systems

Cost: $600.00 per officer

Course Objectives:

Additionally, patrol shift commanders, hostage negotiators and other administrators who may be involved in certain phases of a critical incident may benefit from this course as far as gaining a better understanding of command and control issues pertaining specifically to tactical operations.

This course has been designed for SWAT team commanders, team leaders and assistant team leaders who may find themselves in a position of command during critical incidents such as a high risk warrant service, barricaded suspect, hostage rescue or other mission that may fall under the responsibility of a tactical unit.


Operational case studies (student table top exercise)

The focus of the course will be placed on reviewing traits and skills as they relate to the leadership and command and control of high risk operations. I fully understand that you have many well established special operation teams in your region however, the subjects taught will be geared towards current US and international best practices relating to this skill set.


  • • Leadership overview
  • • Traits and principals of leadership
    • Introduction to command and control
  • • Concepts of command and management
  • • Organization of a Crisis Response Team (CRT)
  • • Roles and tasks of a CRT
  • • Selection process for a CRT
  • • Equipment selection
  • • Theory and dynamics of a CRT
  • • Training design
    • Principals of close quarter battle
    • Hostage rescue operations (building, bus, aircraft, open air standards and expectations)
  • • Dignitary protection operations (planning considerations)
  • • Current trends involving the explosive breaching option
  • • Command and control of a mission (radio commands)
  • • Establishing a tactical command post
  • • The assault process


You can register on the T.E.E.S (Tactical Energetic Entry Systems) website.  Direct any other questions to Greg Walker, SPD-SRT/OSI) at 318-673-7040/318-455-1004.